The other backstories are taken care of. Lumping all your backstory in your exposition is risky, though. ^-^ i hope this helps and gives you ideas ^-^ good luck with your story! There are several ways to reveal character backstories. It's your choice. 0. Because sharing backstories is kinda fun, I decided to hand-pick some of my OCs with the best backstories. The way I see it, backstories can be a hit and miss and can be very hard to construct. share. I agree on that, insanity just doesn't come out of nowhere and many ocs in the Fandom are guilty of that so I made this short little guide to help prevent that, some of it. save. If you don't mind or want it to be sad, then keep it. or she made a major mistake in her life that cost her her family and friends. If you want advice, though, ask a family member or friend to give their opinion on it. Anyone else is a secret. Because I'm not a fan of long posts, I'll summarize it to as short as possible. Think, do you like everyone you encounter? Firstly, you could simple ‘tell’ backstory. Well, David dies. Comment. If the story attempts to have OCs … By Brett Hoover Jan 26, 2020. to "My wife and son had their head chopped off and my daughter and I are killing ourselves slowly with anything and everything, even air. Do you ship your OCs with someone else’s OCs? Normal people don't make for a good story. hide. Share Share Tweet Email. Water Works: 20 Tragic Villains' Backstories That Make Us Want To Cry. If you want a touchy but not horribly sad story, lighten it up a bit. Most of my OCs need sad backstories for some reason. Chances are no, no you do not. 10 Most Tragic Backstories Of MCU Characters, Ranked. Some of this has already been covered, but we may need to reinforce it.Be aware that not everyone in your story is going to like your OC, and they are not going to like everyone. In all honesty, I like being edgy about some of my characters and giving them sad backstories or just fucking them over. Naruto Uzumaki (from Naruto) As we all know he was neglected as a child because of the demon fox inside him so he pretty much grew up with no friends and having everyone call him a monster. Most of this will tie back into Mary Sues. Too much telling … that would be sad and people would feel sorry for her. Here we go: Tebone: Zachi was raised in poverty, and had lost his family while in the forest. It depends on how sad you want your story to be. It can be as simple as "I drank orange juice after I brushed my teeth." I should know, I still need to finish my own, lol. Heroes and villains tend to be born of the same metal, and sometimes they have been tempered with a tragic past. And some of them don't like you either. The thing about sad backstories is that they are incredibly easy to exploit if you know what you're doing and are willing to take some morally ambiguous measures. ... OCs are extremely hard to pull off well. He firmly believes that everything he is doing is for good, and helping man. Then he sees that for the most part, these are just men and women playing god. 0 0. That’s official. Here are 20 villains with the most tragic backstories. JH. another sad thing you can use is that she suffers of depression and can't seem to fit in? I shall refer to them as the man, the madman and the murderess. 12. An OC you’ve killed? 0 comments. A man is part of a group of powerful people. "Reply. So bad and so sad, these baddies show that it's not always good to be evil. These are MCU's saddest backstories. Same way with OCs in a story. A basic example of this type of backstory is the ‘Once upon a time…’ used in fairy tales.