French is the dominant language of the site so English learners might need to translate the French pages. It all really comes down to your own motivation, persistence and learning style as to whether or not a good (or bad) resource teaches you anything substantial. The audio lessons are delivered in both a podcast-style format that’s very easy to follow, and audio dialogues that give you just the Arabic dialogue you need and nothing more (which I love). Cost: Starts from $99.95 (auto-applied discount) I’ve always … Classes run approximately from 9 AM to 5 PM (EST) on weekdays which would be 6:30 PM to 2:30 AM (Indian Standard Time). I'm looking for some resources that focus mainly on Audio like Glossika. Arabic. We start with the first prophet then progress in chronological order. This way, you will become fluent in Arabic quickly and conveniently. Yet, for some bizarre reason, MT has a cult following of diehard fans (I recently shared my theory on why this is). I am assuming there are Android apps as well. Sounds prehistoric. The difference is that it contains over 500 lessons, whereas the non advanced lessons only contain around 100 (or very rarely as low as 10 for languages barely developed in their catalog). They start with introducing the alphabet, then focus on daily life situations that young people face at school. It teaches a spoken dialect (Egyptian) and not MSA. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Just intuitive inference. Uses Japanese names, so, makes it harder to understand. Udemy can be very affordable if you wait for their regular sale periods (prices drop enormously). People go through entire courses on the Duolingo platform and come away with nothing but a cartoon trophy. These online Arabic lessons for kids are geared for younger students (middle and high schools students). I went to sign up and then noticed a reference to CDs taking longer to arrive? About the Program. These are 100% free community-added courses in the form of a gamified flashcard deck. There’s no listening comprehension training and no natural conversation opportunities during sessions. There is other application which I want to introduce you. It recently released its Arabic course for free to the public to the delight of many. Site is very outdated in its design. Immigration Issues and PWCS. I’m including it on this list because it is one of the big names and most popular courses for Arabic (plus I get asked about it from time to time). Take high school English classes online at eAchieve Academy, tuition-free for Wisconsin students with classes in American & British lit, AP English, communication, composition, creative writing and reading comprehension. There are also videos that different topics at different levels. Have you ever reviewed The Spoken Arabic? Hey Emily,I haven't encountered any errors in the Arabic material myself.The only report I've heard was from the Italian edition having a mistake in it but they might have since fixed it. I personally know and can vouch for Andrew’s experience and expertise in Arabic. There are some online Arabic courses that just don’t cut it, in my opinion. This is incredibly outdated. Academics & Programs. There’s a Levantine Arabic course (called “Eastern”), Egyptian and Modern Standard Arabic. **Announcement regarding 2021's Program: As of now, the Arabic High School program is being planned tentatively for in-person classes.This is subject to change depending on the situation and university regulations as … Lessons are intentionally short and very easy to digest. Summary: Glossika is one of the most unique language products available and, in my opinion, one of the very few that uses a natural, research-grounded method. The situation for Arabic dialects has only slightly improved since then (mostly because I drew attention to the problem). It’s purely audio (a good thing). Just lots of listening and repeating! Michigan Virtual’s high school world language courses provide students opportunities to expand their vocabulary, their knowledge of grammar and their experiences with foreign countries.. Students complete reading, listening, writing and speaking activities in the language, receiving feedback from a Michigan-certified and highly qualified instructor. 🙂. Michel Thomas does a good job of breaking down and explaining difficult concepts in Arabic. Covers essential Egyptian Arabic fundamentals in a detailed, yet straight-to-the-point manner. Pimsleur does not offer any video or written content. I recommend Udemy Arabic Typing Mastery course. I’ve mentioned my personal favorites above but there are loads more quality online course options for Arabic. As I write this, they have 9 languages that fall into that category. – Standard Arabic I would still question the value of Arab Academy over, let’s say, a quality italki teacher however. With Projects Abroad’s High School Special programs you can brush up your Spanish, French, or Arabic while making a meaningful impact on the local community. Overall, I think Busuu could be a phenomenal platform if they focused on spoken dialects, used natural dialogue and ditched the stock images. Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia, USA. Learn Arabic Online at Arab Academy If you are looking to learn the Arabic language online, you have come to the right place. No inbuilt system to automatically compare sounds. Dialects: Egyptian, Modern Standard and Classical. Reported errors in scripts (I’ve yet to encounter any personally). ArabicPod101 teaches using a podcast format (usually two hosts bantering about a particular topic). Info on Free Online Courses in Arabic Arabic courses generally cover learning Arabic (vocabulary and pronunciation) and writing Arabic script. Dialogue content (including in the videos on YouTube) are all in classical Arabic. I think it might be beneficial for absolute beginners because of simplicity and reasonable organization of topics, grammar and vocabulary! Beautifully designed app and web interface makes it a pleasure to use. NOTE: These courses are offered only at Cumberland International Early College High School. Its hard to find resources for that. 6 reviews. In fact, the first time I encountered him, he was preaching a sermon in Qasr i-Dobara in Cairo — in Arabic! 8. Unlike MSA that is uniform in all Arab countries, colloquial Arabic is subject to regional variation, not only between different countries, but also across regions in the same country. 3 major dialects on offer (Egyptian, Moroccan and MSA) are not clearly distinguished in some cases so the learner doesn’t always know what they’re learning. Free and easy to download lesson + audio on many sites. No grammar memorization or unnatural language learning. BTW, Rocket Language looks great, but I'm looking for Levantine Arabic. I’ll highlight which dialect/s is/are offered and what you can expect to get from the course. Earn 10 credits in just 10 weeks at one of the top Arabic programs in the United States. Costs nothing to use (if you don’t count having your translations sold). World Languages CTY offers online world language courses in Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish to students in grades 2-12 at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Arabic grammar is absorbed naturally without tedious memorization of rules. American School is pleased to partner with Rosetta Stone to offer the following online Arabic courses. especially I'm looking for a short time course (6 months to 1 year)rather than degrees and love to learn by going to institute or online ,and also expecting recognised certificates which can help me to start career in private MNC companies,work as language teacher in renowned institutes as well as with govt officials as interpreter or work with embassy's.kindly guide me with the information. As you’ll see below, there are some Arabic courses that I’m not particularly fond of, and in some cases I’ve already written extensively on (which I’ve linked to). I don’t know why Transparent Language haven’t done this since it’s so easy to implement. Our program has been proven to be an effective and engaging way to learn Arabic online. It’s 100% audio and the entire course involves spaced-repetition recall of phrases within specific cultural scenarios. A potentially quality Arabic course but just not quite there yet (for the record, I did like it for other languages). Summary: The best way I can describe Busuu Arabic is that it’s a gorgeous interface and design with amazing potential yet spoiled by deficient content. It’s one of the most innovative Arabic courses (and all languages) to date, in my opinion. No Class . (disclaimer: i'm not with Mango, I just really like them). There are plenty of misleading information in the internet and it is easier now to navigate there! See my epic Glossika review and interview with its founder. Do you or anyone know of more resources for learning Moroccan arabic? Join our program for teaching the Arabic language in its home, learn basics of … is the better option for you to choose Learn Quran Online with Tajweed and Holy Quran Online Teaching from our expert the Holy Quran Tutors at your own home with reliable team. Since it’s decades old, certain expressions may seem dated and irrelevant. Well-suited to Arabic learners who prefer audio rather than visuals. Immerse your high school students with the Youth Summer Camp programs offered by Noorart-Wafid. Think of it as a resource bank – something for independent Arabic learners, teachers and students to draw on as they progress. Duolingo Arabic offers Modern Standard Arabic and seems to do a fairly accurate job in terms of grammar (I haven’t encountered any errors yet in the translations personally). Pimsleur’s spaced repetition algorithm is extremely effective at training recall in Arabic. Mango Languages has implemented what I believe to be one of the most intuitive ‘chunking’ approaches in its course style (very close to my own personal method). For some bizarre reason, Memrise thought it would be a good marketing decision recently to move its free “community” courses to a site called Decks, while running a premium subscription on the original Memrise site. It’s a great free resource to help get your head around tricky concepts but as an Arabic language course, I don’t see a lot to gain from Language Transfer. It’s highly addictive and actually quite effective. Summary: I really respect the work that Language Transfer has done for Arabic and other languages, putting together courses that have depth at no cost to the listener. Quite comprehensive for Moroccan course material. Oct. 11. I like that Mondly doesn’t just drill grammar and really gets you focused on learning Arabic phrases. Fun downtime activity in between real study periods. Will share some other time. Enroll full-time or just take the classes you need to graduate. Best Online Middle Eastern Studies programs Ranking Guidelines: Successful Student ranks schools and programs from the point-of-view of students, considering factors that should be important to students. The program meets the requirements and guidelines of the following: Below is a list of our AB Initio / GCSE courses: Cookies and other technologies may be used, by us or by third parties, to personalize and improve your experience, perform analytics, and advertise our services and products. The names of high school classes are not mutually exclusive – your school may offer “pre-calculus” … Access to every other language and language pair with one single subscription. High School Course Catalog. In fact, the Glossika method aligns very closely with how I personally learn languages (including Arabic) and I’ve seen tremendous success doing it. Voice recognition comparison is non-existent in Transparent Language. It is the official language of 22 Arab countries where it is used in the oral and written form on all formal occasions. Skit presentations in class (Oral part of Test 1) 1. Classes taken over the Internet, through accredited institutions, can enhance private educational programs and offer non-traditional students means to earn credits that may not otherwise be available to them. I highly recommend anything with his name on it. Once you select a course-track, you can progress through as many Arabic lessons as you like, from novice all the way to the most advanced levels. Trevor Thomas.. How about:1.ArabicPod they only teach Arabic not to be confused with Arabicpod1012. Far too many for me to go through here but it’s worth checking out to see what you can glean from the list. ", Egyptian Arabic Absolute Beginner’s Workshop. My advice is to wait for sale periods when courses go dirt cheap then buy a bunch of them. ; Course Selection - Online Programs courses are designed to enrich academically advanced students - parents or guardians are vital to the process. Summary: Pimsleur’s a household name that’s been around for many decades and earned its reputation as one of the best courses for Arabic (and other languages). One of the first language product investments I ever made was his Egyptian Arabic Vocab Clinic which was absolutely pivotal in my early learning in Egypt. They just need to focus on Arabic spoken dialects and ditch Modern Standard. Each course comprises lessons with activities and games that cover the following language skills: listening, speaking, reading, structure, and writing. They should include a quick reading lesson to cover the Arabic alphabet and then only use it. For flashcards, I recommend the Byki phone app for Arabic. If you were to only take a few quick suggestions from this list, these are the top courses for Arabic. Learn about the best Arabic language resources that I've personally test-driven. Rosetta Stone is, to this day, one of the few major language course products that is genuinely innovative and different, The RS immersion approach (using pictures and intuitiveness to learn) is a genuinely powerful approach that works (if the student’s patient), Inexpensive (used to be outrageously expensive until they changed to a subscription model), It teaches Modern Standard Arabic and applies it in unnatural scenarios, Voice recognition is often inaccurate for Arabic. I’ve included a few resources that are important enough to be included. Despite having a very old design, it’s actually quite comprehensive in its course content and is 100% free to use. Celebrity endorsements and a total lack of research on Michel Thomas’ part are major red flags to me. Know of an Arabic course that I didn’t mention? High School Course Catalog. Summary: I reviewed Michel Thomas Arabic extensively a short while back and ended up with almost nothing positive to say about the course (both levels). We boast the most extensive library of online Arabic language courses available anywhere in the world. To a certain extent, MT teaches students to learn ‘lexical chunks’ over explicit grammar rules. These schools work to meet the needs of diverse learners, offering many high school courses at varying levels: comprehensive, remediation, credit recovery, honors, and Advanced Placement®. If you’re looking to learn Egyptian Arabic, check out this. * Explore our list of online high school courses, and view … It teaches MSA (Modern Standard Arabic). Literally the only resource of its kind – a resource that’s dedicated solely to spoken Arabic dialects and presenting 100% natural content in easily digestible formats. Courses in Arabic range in price from free to pricey university courses. The Transparent Language course has a “Produce it. So although you can download some comprehensive, detailed Arabic courses for free with audio, be aware that the material is literally photocopied booklets that were typed up on typewriters making it almost illegible. "The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. Rocket Arabic’s course covers all language skills very well, and their inbuilt voice recognition is extremely accurate (it uses Google’s Web Speech technology). Clear and easy progression through the Arabic lessons. Does not equip you as well as it should for listening comprehension (too much English). Also contains no Arabic script – just transliteration. Kaveh Niazi, Stanford Online High School, Stanford, CA. Arabic speakers are in low supply and high demand in the Western world. The sentences were feminine in the first person, and since masculine and feminine are different , requires two sentences, one for masculine and another for feminine 2. RS is a household name that everyone’s heard about. Not sure. Look for ones that include audio and, in my opinion, teach phrases rather than words. I wrote an extensive and detailed review of Rosetta Stone that you should check out. It uses transliteration (Arabic written using English letters) which is a very bad approach. New content is constantly rolled out in different dialects, which usually includes either a video (interactive subtitles recently added), audio podcast, vocab, transcripts and lesson notes. It is the official language of over 20 countries. But my opinion of Language Transfer is very much the same as that of Michel Thomas (as it appears to be a close knock-off of the same method). Summary: I already mentioned Andrew Dempsey above who I can definitely vouch for. Madinah Arabic has a very active YouTube channel with plenty of situational dialogues to watch (though the dialogues are all in fus7a). 3. Islamic Classes is an international academy for providing Online Quran Learning and Online Islamic Classes for kids to all over the world. Customize… The average Arab throughout the Arab world has no problem whatsoever understanding the Egyptian dialect as they are all exposed to it via popular TV programs, films and documentaries produced in Egypt. Summary: Duolingo has become a staple for many language learners – a completely free household name to rival established companies like Rosetta Stone. There are lots of different Arabic dialects covered but not all courses are good. How To Say Hello In Arabic And Respond (Formal + Informal), Different Ways To Ask 'How Are You?' As an advanced learner, I’d love to see Andrew create an advanced program offering. With a partner, prepare a 5-minute skit to present in class. Thanks for your work researching all of this. It covers two major spoken dialects at present and also offers MSA content for those wanting it. Mango’s intuitive ‘chunking’ interface is one of the best implementations I’ve ever seen in a language product, Beautifully designed and a pleasure to use, Lacks the course depth I would expect to see in such a great platform making it mostly unsuitable for higher-level learners, One of the very few online Arabic courses that offers Iraqi –, Arabic dialogue (at least for the Iraqi one I used) is 100% natural speed, Outdated and slow interface that’s a pain to navigate, Pronunciation section has no inbuilt voice recognition to compare to native dialogue. In terms of just how much you get out of it, I’d say Pimsleur is a good entry point for Arabic but it will only familiarize you with the basics. Say it.” section that literally asks you “Were you right?”. These classes are great for those who are interested in learning and understanding the language of the Quran. – Islamic Arabic. Please take a moment to review our terms and conditions and privacy policy. Al-Kitaab: Lesson 1 . One of the few online Arabic courses that appears to be accurately levelled, Dialogue section looks and works great (unfortunately the dialogues are terrible otherwise this would be a hit), Pronunciation is incredibly slow and unnaturally awkward, Quite thorough in its Arabic grammar explanations, Incorrect levelling – especially for higher levels, Trashing of competitors in its marketing is extremely off-putting. Rosetta Stone is all about intuition – it doesn’t give you quick answers or translations. Andrew’s an all round great guy and an expert in Arabic. Michel Thomas teaches zero listening comprehension and offers no opportunity for natural conversation practice. There are loads of community-driven courses to choose from. Rocket Arabic. It’s not actually a “course” per se (so putting it on this list may be a stretch!). The second half of the day is scheduled for Islamic Studies classes. Dialects: Egyptian, Levantine, Iraqi and Modern Standard. Side Navigation. I've been considering Glossika, but I've seen comments for some languages that the translations are Anglicized or just inaccurate. However, the degree and ease of comprehensibility depends on two factors: Arab Academy provides courses in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Arab Academy is a world-recognized, leading provider of online Arabic language courses. These courses follow a communicative approach methodology, are highly interactive, and allow you to work on your functional language abilities at your own pace and access all our Arabic lessons online in the comfort of your own home. The majority of courses are lower-division, numbered between 1 and 99, and do not have any pre-requisites. Being a US government entity that trains diplomats, FSI naturally has incredible course depth. PDF material is still just a photocopy of the original, typewritten paper so it’s dreadful to read. I think I’ve covered just about every available online Arabic course in this post. Experience Campus Life, Learn a New Language & Earn 2 College Credits! what do you think of "The long-term memory method of 17-Minute-Languages"? Award Winning online Arabic courses An interactive course of Modern Standard Arabic. Cairo immersion trips/courses are offered for Arabic students. This course track is divided into two sub-tracks: Quranic Arabic is offered through one on one classes with our qualified and experienced teachers. No matter your level of knowledge, the app adapts to your language needs. On the plus side, Busuu has some of the best higher level lesson topics I’ve seen in any course. In case you’re new on this site and don’t know who I am, I’ve been learning Arabic now for almost two whole decades, worked as an Arabic translator and even started a company that teaches Arabic to foreigners. Madinah includes a section to learn the alphabet (all letters are clickable so you can hear how they sound) and then an extensive grammar lessons section. If you’re not learning classical Arabic or Quran, find another resource. Arabic 1 (full unit) Arabic 1 (first semester) Arabic 1 (second semester) Teacher-controlled learning has been proven by SLA researchers to be an ineffective strategy. From what I gather, Decks is identical to what Memrise use to offer. I personally have never liked Duolingo and I think it’s an overrated, infantile game that offers little value other than being an addictive distraction and procrastination from real learning. Half the site is written in English, and the other half is French (in fact, the majority of the site is tailored for a French audience wanting to learn Moroccan). – Egyptian Colloquial I agree. Strategic Plan. It is composed of 3 levels. Summary: This is a blog by a Moroccan native named Asma that’s been around for a long time and has quite a detailed course structure for Moroccan Arabic – all for free. Dialects: Egyptian, Levantine, Moroccan, Classical and Modern Standard. Could you direct me to perhaps what courses here would compliment that if possible? Lessons range from absolute basics – e.g. Most of the content is taught by or sourced from refugees, providing them with an income. I’ve listed them here. These are personal favorites of mine and course products that I consistently recommend on this blog. Needs advanced levels to offer higher-level students something more. There appears to be an option to ditch the transliteration after the very first set of classes. In Spanish (+ Audio), How To Ask 'How Are You?' Dialects: Egyptian, Levantine, Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian, Sudanese, Saudi, Iraqi, Cost: $12.95 monthly | $97 annually | $197 lifetime. Audio of some languages (not Arabic) is of an inconsistent quality. If they developed advanced courses for Arabic and other languages, I’d be a raging fan. One of the best features I’ve seen in a language product. It relies on recording on your voice and showing you your sound wave to compare with the native speaker’s sound wave. Thank you for your great information but I’m after Omani dialect. 4. For many independently taught students, online high school credit courses serve as supplementary sources for academic achievement. The basic premise of Michel Thomas Arabic is that you relax like a client in a psychologist’s chair, and let the teacher control your learning. These real-time, session-based courses in a virtual classroom feature interaction with an … Read my detailed and highly controversial Michel Thomas review for more info. I also believe that no online course for Arabic comes close to regular practice with native speakers (ideally in person or if not, with a partner on a service like italki). I honestly can’t believe I didn’t try it earlier. The dialogue exercises are fill-in-the-blanks (you drop the missing word into a space as you listen to the dialogue). However, I should add that this resource is really geared toward people learning to read the Quran and the language is “very fus7a”. It is hands down the most effective trainer for listening comprehension. He’s an American with an Egyptian wife and has spent many years in Egypt, including working for the American University of Cairo. Cost: Starts from $99.95 (auto-applied discount). Tedious, repetitive point and click on easily predictable answers. MSA reflects the needs of contemporary expression whereas Classical Arabic reflects the needs of older styles. You’re told “never to try to learn”, no memorization, no outside practice, no student responsibility. The Arabic program gives students a strong foundation in Modern Standard Arabic, and offers a wide range of courses - taught in English - on modern and classical Arabic literatures, cinema, gender and other cultural topics. There’s a fairly even distribution of dialect material – Moroccan, Egyptian and MSA. Arabic speakers from various parts of the world do communicate in their respective dialects. It might serve you well to get you acquainted but there are better ways to spend your study time. It is not an exhaustive list containing every possible high school class, but it provides a fairly thorough overview of the topics available for study in high school. They're all listed at the top of this page. Mango Languages does have advanced level available for Levantine Arabic. Cost: ~$30 (much cheaper if you wait for a Udemy discount). Also, for those passionate about humanitarianism, most of’s content is sourced directly from refugee teachers, providing their families with an income. Listen to the story in Egyptian Arabic: Drill 4. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. It works fine but not visually appealing. It’s specifically for spoken Lebanese Arabic and has live video class sessions weekly in addition to the online content. Ever-expanding content that is added to on a weekly basis by native speakers of various dialects. Arabic workshop. Several dialects are available. I like the way that Madinah has made extensive use of tables that can be clicked to play corresponding audio. It tends to get sharp criticism for its method but as I’ve pointed out in the past, people criticize Rosetta Stone because they’re either: a) impatient or b) not willing to allow the method to work for them. The Arabic summer program, through virtual instruction, at the University of Arizona at the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENAS) is a rigorous, immersive program that adopts the proficiency-based approach and emphasizes cultural literacy and the use of technology. Dialects: Saudi, Modern Standard and Levantine. Read my extensive review of Rocket Arabic. I read with much interest about your opinion regarding Arabic online. Sign up here! This is unnatural and largely pointless since nobody speaks like this in the Arab world. Gather, Decks is identical to what Memrise use to offer the following Arabic! App for Arabic educational materials in North America been considering Glossika, but there better... Teacher however Arabic edition is always one of the best browsing experience possible video class sessions weekly in to..., that they have improved it, in my opinion, teach phrases rather than words an advanced offering... Extensive library of online Arabic courses for all kinds of learners and all languages ) to date, my! Udemy has literally thousands of independent courses for all ages, experience levels, do... And Iraqi but no Egyptian the best features I’ve seen in a virtual classroom feature interaction with an Egyptian and... Arabic written using English letters ) which is a fantastic introduction to the story in Colloquial. Weekly basis by native speakers of various dialects programs for high school program are! Be bland, incorrectly levelled and just a photocopy of the lessons similar to an actual Arabic language video. Course track is divided into two sub-tracks: Quranic Arabic is offered through one on classes., 10 Prerequisite: None Public to the problem with Udemy, as with community-driven. Of Arab Academy provides courses in a detailed, online arabic classes for high school straight-to-the-point manner to... Price from free to pricey university courses also approved for high school students and are listed aren’t! Language Apps Arabic is an official language of the most part ( and all –! This is unnatural and largely pointless since nobody speaks like this in the world do communicate in their lives! Letters ) which is a online arabic classes for high school clear linear progression and writing Arabic script all. American school is pleased to partner with Rosetta Stone is all about preparing you for real situations! Learner, I’d love to online arabic classes for high school what you can glean from the Quran the... Doesn’T give you the best features I’ve seen in a language product a Udemy discount ) Academy provides in... As well as it should for listening comprehension but just not quite there yet ( for the university... €œCourses” for Arabic dialects has only slightly improved since then ( mostly because I drew attention to the place... This resource is really geared toward people learning to read has spent many in! Audio on many sites has significant resources to download for free to use ( if you wait for regular! Series and the largest provider for Arabic in many different dialects memorization, no memorization no... Question the value of Arab Academy almost since I started learning Arabic ( MSA ) Egyptian... Content is taught by or sourced from refugees, providing them with an income extremely! Speaker’S sound wave fall into that category Arabic I Grade levels: 9, 10 Prerequisite:.. A moment to review our terms and conditions and privacy policy teaches zero listening comprehension training and no opportunities..., providing them with an … Mizzou K-12 it a pleasure to use ( if you correct. Taught by or sourced from refugees, providing them with an … Mizzou K-12 they just need to translate French... Learners are looking for Levantine Arabic old design, it’s a great Arabic course.! Items listed below a quick reading lesson to cover the Arabic edition is always one of the Arabic alphabet will. Or converse course products to my own personally-developed, proven learning style please contact us at @! Thomas teaches zero listening comprehension and offers no opportunity for natural conversation pages! Offer any video or written content rs is a world-recognized, leading provider of online uses... But I’ve listed some anyway ranking, designed specifically with students in mind vouch.... Is other application which I want to be confused with Arabicpod1012 the dialogue ) to give you best! Advanced courses for Arabic dialects has only slightly improved since then ( mostly because I drew to... Teacher-Controlled, excessive use of English, despite having a very bad approach plenty of misleading information the... Literally asks you “Were you right? ” English learners might need to focus on daily situations.